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Providing security and comfort to a child in crisis...
The Adventure Bags Team
It takes a great team to make everything run and here's who make all the cogs fit into this well oiled machine!

Debbie Gori Queen Bee Chief Cook & Bottle Washer
As a nurse and community advocate I have seen first hand what happens when children lose the security of home. Being a part of Adventure Bags helps provide comfort and stability to kids in crisis throughout the State of Georgia.
Tamra Nasworthy l RN
Being a butcher for so long and loving what I do has made me a people person. I say I'm in the people business, just happen to be selling meat. Loving children (they are people too) especially those who are in crisis and can't fend for themselves makes me want to give all I have to make things better.
Joe Riehle Owner Bentley's Butcher Shop
Sherri Dickens CEO GhostSecPro, LLC
As Mom to a special needs adult, I have been advocating for children for quite some time. I met Debbie while attending a Network Barrow Meeting. My business offers Administrative Expertise to small businesses and AB needed a website. Two years later, whatever Ms. Debbie needs...I try to provide! I am honored to serve on the AB Board and love watching it grow every year!
Additional Board Members not Pictured Above:

​Debbie has been many things in her lifetime but Adventure Bags is her pride and joy. Founded by her daughter, she works tirelessly everyday to make everything work. From writing grant requests to packing bags to picking up donations to finding ways to pay the bills...Debbie is amazing! Without her...AB would still be a dream and thanks to all the volunteers she finds, AB would never be able to serve so many.
John Stell l Acting Attorney

Monica Fulkes / Procurement
Richard Barkley l CPA

Stephanie Campbell Volunteer Coordinator

Austin Walker Junior Ambassador